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Local library incentivizes reading

Blue Mound Memorial Library continues to host a summer reading program for all ages.

For over thirty years the public library has hosted a summer reading program for the community. Library Director Julie Jones believes “this is a little library that has a big impact on this community.”

The program offers the group of mostly grade school children incentives for completing their reading goals as well as fun programs, such as a wiffle ball where students had the opportunity to play ball with a local coach and State Finalist softball team members.

On June 28 attendees had the opportunity to watch a science show put on by Jason Tipsword. Tipsword travels for the group, Absolute Science.

Attendees were shown several experiments and had the ability to help with each.

The program has 188 participants, but the attendance for the program varies based on the community’s interest level. People of all ages are invited to join into the events hosted by the library but to receive incentives students must have a library card. The next event will be hosted on July 5 and will be water games.



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