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Kids can build friendships and models by joining LEGO camp

by Elise Guillen 
photo by xxx/ cutline foes right here



LEGO Camp, a programme for kids interested in legos, teaches kids new techniques to build LEGOs to help them express their love for LEGOs. LEGO camp is located at the Old Main building at Eastern Illinois University.


Nowadays, many children are heavily invested in LEGOs so this camp is a great opportunity for children to interact with other kids their age all while working on something they enjoy.


There are different levels of LEGO camp such as Beginning Engineering LEGO Camp, Introduction to LEGO EV3 Robotics, Intermediate Engineering LEGO Camp,  and LEGO WeDo Robotics Camp that occur throughout the summer. Each program lasts for four days.


The LEGO camp for beginners was visited on the second day. Peter Wiles, who is the director of the program explains the camp as an introduction to simple machines. Wiles thinks that LEGOs are a great tool for kids to build and design whatever they want.


“LEGOs allow for creative design,” Wiles said.


Wiles went on to say that the goal for the camp is to have the kids thinking about engineering and building for the future. The camp allows for kids to be interested in science and math without them even knowing it.


Overall, Wiles is amazed by the children involved with the camp. Once they are taught something and obtain the knowledge, they are able to apply it to real life situations and other tools.


Although the children are taught by the book by their teacher, Amber Spitz, they are still given the option to modify the LEGOs that they are building to their liking. It’s always interesting to Wiles  to see what the children come up with. By receiving freedom with design, it allows the kids to be creative with the consideration on the effect the modification will have on what they’ve built.


Even though there may be consequences, the children seem to still enjoy the camp a lot and don’t really get bothered by their mistakes.


“They’re very engaged and are never bored,” Spitz said.


Some kids were interviewed while working on their lesson, axles and wheels, and applying it to their LEGOs. Many kids explained the lesson they were working on and showed what they were working on. One 8 year boy named Gunner Barr explained the camp was really educational and fun.


“I feel like kids will love this,” Barr said. He went on to explain that it’s a great way to make friends who have the same interest and is especially great because it’s nothing like the second grade.


Most kids were from around the area and many parents heard about it and registered them due to how much their kids love LEGOs. The passion for LEGOs was evident in these kids just based on how they spoke about it. Many kids use them to build things like ships, cars, and houses. One kid named Kyujin Wharram said he loves to make jets that no one has ever seen.


LEGO camp is a great opportunity for kids who love LEGOs and the results of their work are limitless. Kids love LEGOs because they able to make whatever they want. It helps them think and allows them to express themselves. If interested, register at


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