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Heath museum stands as a historical monument for the people of Robinson


Being such a small town, you wouldn’t expect Robinson Illinois to have much to offer, but a small store by the courthouse will prove otherwise.

In 1914 L.S. Heath, founder of the candy bar of the same name, opened his first store in Robinson.

4 years later, after Heath sold the brand to a company called Leaves, the Crawford County Heritage purchased the original candy factory and still runs it as a museum today.

When Leaves sold Heath to Hershey in 1997, The Heritage saw it as a perfect opportunity; since there is a Hershey factory in Robinson, they made a deal with them, allowing the store to buy and sell Heath directly from the factory rather than buy them from a third party.

Glenda Fulling, a major part in bringing the museum together, said that they get about 40 visitors on an average day, though Robinson has a Heath festival every year, spiking the store’s business.

“During Heath Harvest Festival Weekend, we have thousands of people come through here,” she said.

Opening in 1999, the museum, that also sells various candies, milkshakes, and drinks, has been a standing monument of history for almost 2 decades, and they show no signs of slowing down anytime soon.


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