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Stories from intrepid reporters attending the Illinois Press Foundation Journalism Workshop at Eastern Illinois University

Andrew Maloney

By Ryan Allibone, Corryn Brock, Elise Guillen, Eric Vaughn

Springfield court reporter Andrew Maloney has covered a multitude of stories at the capitol for the past five years.

Maloney utilizes his writing to help people understand the situations within the court, such as why certain things are happening and what it may cause. He feels like he needs to fill in the missing details that people don’t go out to find.

“I try to still write things that are digestible to people” said Maloney.

Maloney does this because he knows the process could be used to confuse people so he attempts to explain it as well as he can. Due to the confusion, Maloney helps keep an eye on the process and in doing so, has been able to help people understand the whole process.

One thing Maloney noticed throughout the years is that the people who serve genuinely want to help people who have any questions about the process.

“I think they want something that’s a little bit more digestible at the end of the day,” he said.

Through his work, he has been shocked on multiple occasions by people who have taken  the chance to speak with them and how helpful they were. Maloney said that legislators want the media to understand what is going on and no matter how busy they are, they will find time to explain what people don’t know or understand.

Maloney’s passion for his career is shown through his ability to articulate the positives effects of being a journalist.

“Going through school, writing was my thing,” he said. Maloney realized this affinity by constantly writing, yet he never had a journalistic experience before college due to his high school not having a newspaper.

Once he reached college, Maloney felt he wanted to write for sports, just to realize that many others had that desire as well. To take on a challenge, Maloney decided to write about the news.

By writing news, Maloney’s passion became journalism. By finally being a part of what he always wanted to do he found his place in the world.

Maloney describes reporting the news and what journalism is to,

“Keep your finger on the pulse of the world.”


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