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Teenager suffers from constant studying

Screenshot_20170623-114025By Janaleigh Mazynsky

The cost for a 4.6 weighted grade point average is a leg up for getting a higher education, but there may be a cost for Elise Guillen’s passion, which may be lost in the constant studying that the accelerated classes have to bring.

“Steinmetz (College Prep) has a bad ireputation,” Guillen said. “It’s considered one of the worst. But no one gets to really know Steinmetz.

Guillen is an International Baccalaureate, or IB, senior. Struggling with her own interests, IB studying and the reputation of her school.

“The best way for me to describe it (IB) is to basically teach you how to handle a lot of work to prepare for college,” Guillen said. “So that means I always have a lot of work to do.”

With being an IB student, a majority of Guillen’s high school courses are preselected for her. For her upcoming senior year, she gets to select two of her periods for the first time in her high school career.

“I kind of feel on and off about IB; whether I like it or not.” Guillen said. “But What I love about it is that it really encourages me to have a desire to learn and to get my hands on any kind of knowledge.”

Guillen’s choices with her classes are still limited, regardless of her two periods of freedom. For example, she could have chosen band as one of her periods, which Guillen had to give up for IB, but instead she’s decided to go with Drama and Shakespearean Studies.

“There’s certain classes like journalism and ceramics I wanted to take,” Guillen said. “The classes I take now make me wish I had more options.”

Guillen has limiting options, but she’s excelling academically and socially with a plethora of friends and a high GPA.

“With IB you’re expected to do all this work, and study which is hard when you have free time but you have all this work is you have to choose.”


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