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Student uses art as constructive escape

Ryan_editedBy Amie Shields

Words have been a refuge for Ryan Allibone or at least that’s what Robin Russo, Allibone’s high school teacher, has to say about him. Allibone has overcome the recent diagnosis of type one diabetes in a close loved one through different forms of literature.

Allibone was not led astray by this obstacle but instead chose to embrace the arts.

He wrote poems, and the experience actually “inspired him to do his best,” said Francesca Allibone, his mother.

His passion for literature also shows in his major role in the theater department. After the theater teacher’s position was dissolved, Allibone took the initiative to be a leader in the theater department and influence the underclassmen.

”The last two years plays would not have been successful without him (Allibone),”  Russo said.  

Allibone has been reliable, and the people around him have taken notice of his hard work and determination. The people close to him cannot speak higher of him, and he steps into roles of leadership where many students at his age wouldn’t.

“When he is with the underclassmen he takes charge – he is commanding, it’s admirable,” Aaron Borda, Allibone’s best friend, said.

It’s clear this his love of theatrics and writing are a core element of his personality and a strong coping mechanism.



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