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Josh Perry on the run

By Corryn Brock

Josh Perry is a not-so-typical introvert, bursting at the seams with talent and ambition. He uses his talents and strong ambition to his advantage.

While looking at Perry, most people would your typical 16-year-old boy; however, this could not be farther from the truth. He runs for Edwardsville High School’s cross country team and is active with the Model UN; though his sister, Grace, is proudest of motivation and thinks of it as his best quality.

Perry uses his motivation to commit to his running. At the beginning of his senior year, Perry was awarded the “Most Improved” award and believes his success can be attributed to his method for running. He completely clears his mind until it is a blank slate to beat boredom and have a clean slate to focus on the end result: finishing the race.

The youngest of four, Perry has followed in his sibling’s footsteps. All three of his older siblings were involved in cross country during their high school careers. The second oldest Perry boy, Iain, made varsity during his senior year. J. Perry has made it a personal goal to also make the varsity cross country team.

Perry’s favorite part of running is “after running because you feel really happy.” He follows up running by “[laying] down and [eating] food.”

He said he enjoys the burst of endorphins he gets while running.

Perry has always been on the road. He was born in Texas but moved to Indiana soon after. Following Indiana, he moved to Alabama and Alaska before settling down in Edwardsville, Ind. Perry’s mother noticed his ability adapt to his new surroundings with each move, seeing how he was able find his place with each move.

Perhaps Perry’s running around the country is what has helped him succeed in running cross country, or perhaps it is just his pure motivation to better himself.


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