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Stories from intrepid reporters attending the Illinois Press Foundation Journalism Workshop at Eastern Illinois University

Words Cost Time

By Brynna Sentel

David L. Williams was madly in love with his wife Ronda R. Williams, which eventually resulted in his arrest.

Fifty-five-year-old David L. Williams was arrested on June 29 at 3:57 p.m. after violating an order of protection against him. It stipulated that the defendant should not have contact with the plaintiff or contact family members in reference to her.

The defendant violated this order by contacting the plaintiff’s son and sending the following text message:

“Ty! Tell ur mom i always have n forever will lover her!” This was the beginning of a text Williams sent to the plaintiff’s son, Tyler C. Rodgers. Rogers then forwarded the message to his mother, subsequently causing the arrest of the defendant.

The rest of the text read, “Can’t live without her. Goin to walmart now to buy a bunch of sleepin pills. Gonna sleep forever. I lov ur mom so much! Give my little man a huge hug for me!”

Williams doesn’t have any other charges on public record.

Williams reported to the macon County Courts Building, Decatur, Illinois, at 1:30 p.m. He was released with a fine of $3,000 and orders to stay away from Ronda R. Williams.

The final words to him from the judge: “You may love her, but she isn’t loving you back. So I’d stay away.”


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