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Ronald Evans, Changing the World

Not everyone is meant to change the world, but Ronald Evans is surely on a mission to do so with his passion for journalism and its industry.

“Ronald is a goal seeking, highly motivated and intelligent young man. Ronald has used his creative mind and his wonderful writing skills to pursue a career in journalism,” described Arionne Evans; one of three sisters related to Evans (Ronald).

At the age of fourteen, Evans developed a love for writing and would write anything that concerned him at the moment into his phone; nothing major, mainly news. Although, when Evans started journalism his junior year of high school, he began to think more about how this affects him. Evans stated, “When I started doing journalism I began thinking of what my purpose was.”

While being apart of the Steinmetz Star (Steinmetz College Prep newspaper), Evans grew more intrigued with journalism when he started reporting and writing articles. Evans said, “I like it, but I’m always open to something else.” “Something else”, meaning other newspaper positions.

Evans discussed how he is more interested in writing for serious topics, meaning newsworthy and important issues affecting the community. However, Evans doesn’t turn down any articles assigned to him, even if he’s not interested in that certain topic or if he doesn’t feel confident in his work.

Sharon Schmdt, Evans journalism teacher, told him an important piece of advice, “Don’t be discouraged by what you write, if you think you’re wrong, you might actually be right. You just need to reword it.”

Also, journalism has impacted Evans to take reality by the hands and learn from it. Evans oldest sister, Arionne, stated, “Journalism has enabled him to take his real life experiences and convert them into life lessons. I am a proud sister, because Ronald has not let his environment cause any downplaying affects on his life. Our family has had many low life points, but Ronald has always promised me that family and education is his backbone and he will continue to succeed in both areas.”

Arionne stated, “I am proud of him completing this journalism camp and being able to reach outside the box. I am glad to know that Ronald will not accept failure and continues to strive for the best.”

With only being in journalism for a year, Evans has gained many accomplishments from journalism. Evans’ school was recognized as one of the top school newspapers, was accepted for a journalism fellowship worth one thousand dollars, and was accepted to the journalism workshop. “It’s nice, because it means that people will see me for my potential and not just another boy,” said Evans. on, Evans found his purpose and that is being able to have a voice and the power of telling people of what is going on in the world without any dishonesty. By doing this, Evans is using his passion for journalism and everything that he’s learned and is going to “change the world” by having a career in the journalism field. Evans really enjoys writing personality profiles and news articles. Which has progressed him into the idea of either becoming a reporter (news or sports) or just a journalist as his career choice.

Ronald Evans, poses with a cheerful attitude for his profile photo. Photo courtesy of Nicole Barlik.


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