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Library hosts first indoor mini-golf course contest, play

By Destiny Gomez


Sam Kaurin, 12, and his sister set up their mini-golf course inside the Charleston Carnegie Public Library on Thursday. (Photo by Destiny Gomez)

CHARLESTON— The local library started its first annual indoor mini-golf and brought a wave of excitement among the town. As the Charleston Carnegie Public Library opened its doors at 10 a.m. Thursday, flocks of families went in to claim spots to set up their mini-golf courses.

Julie Viertel is the head director overseeing what is going on with the indoor mini-golf in the library. She started this program by casually talking to other library leaders and looking at other course designs on Pinterest for examples.

After the end of their second meeting, Viertel had not seen many of the participants back at the library and was surprised by how many have signed up and participated Thursday in the event.

“I like them all…they’re all different,” she explained.

In their effort to recycle, the library asked participants to incorporate things from around their houses and reuse them in their mini-golf courses.

Twelve-year-old Sam Kaurin and his family enjoyed setting up and bringing their themed course to life. Sam’s castle was made out of cardboard boxes his family had available.

It took Sam and his little sister two days to build his gray castle, a focal point in his course, and seven times to have the golf ball come out the back of the castle properly. Sam hoped that his course would be a hole-in-one to receive a prize from the library.

The library will also be taking donations to fund their other children’s programs. Viertel said that she does not expect much from the event but will be happy receiving any money.

Viertel hoped that the first annual indoor mini-golf event would bring people who have not visited the library to enjoy their time and have fun playing mini-golf.

“I just hope we have enough clubs,” Viertel said with a laugh


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