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Horvath Takes Over Audio Feed Festival

Dr. Anthony Horvath once thought he knew what was in the bible, he thought he knew what was sin and what was not. In 2007 they were pregnant with a beautiful baby girl when they faced the biggest challenge of their lives: did they want to abort their unborn child? Their daughter was diagnosed with spina bifida in the womb, nine years later they have a beautiful daughter that faces many developmental problems and this is what began Horvath’s adventure.

He began publishing Christian fiction, before too much longer he rooted out to other religions and even Christian horror. “We believed in being informed,” Horvath said when asked why he published some of the things he did, “Christian publishers would not publish that stuff.” While in college Horvath began studying the bible for himself and began to wonder, but when he searched for answers he was turned away, “C.S. Lewis and J.K. Chesterton answered my questions, I didn’t feel alone.”

Now selling his books on Amazon he began publishing other people’s writing. Everything from Islamic fiction to Christian horror it’s been published. He says his family isn’t affiliated with any denomination, and he keeps an open mind. “I come from a Lutheran background,” and now his family has a completely different view on things more unbiased.

“God is real, God is present, God cares, God created you, he wants you to enjoy the world that he created, and there are very important things that need to be addressed.” Horvath said when asked if there was anything else he wanted to stay for the people struggling with religion.


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