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Girl finds passion and freedom in theater

By: Trevor Anderson


Kim Boyd loves being someone she isn’t.

Performing before friends and peers started her passion for the stage at a young age.

“I love the theater,” Boyd said.

The senior at Lutheran High School in Springfield has been in plays and musicals since elementary school.  

“My mom really influenced my love for theater arts,” she said.

Since the start of her already lengthy career, she has had some tough roles to play and also ones she loves.  One of her favorite roles was in the play “Leaving Iowa.”

“Getting the chance to play a mom of two children was very different for me,” she said.

Although this was her favorite part, it also was her most challenging because she was playing someone much different from herself.

Portraying a mom “30 to 40 years older than I am was difficult” because she would have to react how a mother would in certain situations.

To her the best actresses are versatile and can play a part that that may be the total opposite of the last.  It isn’t all that easy, though.

“Having to play characters that are nothing alike is the biggest challenge to me,” Boyd said.

She said another challenge is that “sometimes it is hard to adjust to what is going on at that moment.”

But not every part of acting is difficult for Boyd.

“You always have to make sure you stay focused on the part you’re playing,” she said.  “It may be hard for some people, but for me it comes easy.”

Boyd added that she never really has a problem with remembering her lines.  “It all comes to me quick and I find it as something easy,” she said.

Boyd said it can be hard to act in front of people that she interacts with every day, including her family. But ultimately it does not really bother her.

“I know how what I can do as an actress and I know I give it my best effort,” Boyd said.

Boyd said as an actress it can be hard to open up and be very vocal, but it does not stop her from doing the thing she loves the most.

The theater inspires her and it challenges her to try new things.  Though it may be difficult to get into certain characters, the challenge aids her with perspective.

“Without theater, I do not what I would be doing.  The theater is my life and keeps me involved with others,” Boyd said.

She also said without theater people wouldn’t express their talents as much and that the world would be black and white.





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