Illinois Reporter

Stories from intrepid reporters attending the Illinois Press Foundation Journalism Workshop at Eastern Illinois University

Fall of EIU

By: Morgan Johnson, Alex Devlin, and Destiny Gomez

Eastern Illinois University has stood tall for hundreds of years, and through thousands of students walking the halls it has always been in immaculate condition. However, when the state lost their budget, universities all over the state lost funding and the fall of many strong universities began.

Eastern is a solid, strong, community and that is how it all started. Buildings were well kept, halls were clean, and thousands of students walked on this very campus, it was unstoppable.

Every disaster starts slow; a piece of garbage here and there, some over grown weeds, or slacking on watering the flowers. As Eastern began its descent, the students relied on each other more than ever.

Because of the lessened amount of funding, many custodians lost their jobs. Deferred maintenance led to weeds becoming present through crevices in the sidewalk.

The broken window shows that something minor, as indicated in the picture, can become easily ignored and swept aside due to EIU’s financial need.

If something minor as a broken window can not be replaced, who can account for the major things happening in campus such as kitchen duties, lawn care, and the presentation of the facility.

The dumpster image portrays Eastern Illinois University as dirty, unmanageable and unlivable. Due to being underfunded, the university had to cut many custodial jobs and that led to trash cans being put outside of rooms to help custodians do their job.

The presentation of the school over the summer, especially since many high school students visit colleges, can affect how students view the campus and make or break their decision to apply.

Outside of Coleman Hall, a Fund EIU is present on the building’s window. Students came together during the last school year to fight for fairness and proper funding. Weeds are also present in the sidewalk, which show lesser maintenance on campus.


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