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Boys and Girls Club of Decatur go to the Park

By Brynna Sentel

Putting together roughly 120 kids, ranging in age from seven to eighteen years old, and taking them to the park might seem crazy, but to Bruce Jeffery it seems like the perfect opportunity to, “try to expose them to the park.”

So many kids in today’s world are consumed by their video games, air conditioning, and couches to experience the wonderful outdoors and most importantly the park.

“I’m excited about this partnership with the park.” The Boys and Girls Club program is put on by both the executive director of the Girls and Boys Club, as well as the park districts.

The park isn’t the only place the directors take the kids. Field trips, soccer games, nature walks, kickball and a personal favorite of a little girl, Janiya, going to the store.

“My favorite part is going to the store.” When asked what they do at the store, Janiya replied, “We get candy… I always get blue airheads.”

The Boys and Girls Club isn’t just summer fun, they also have fall activities to help/ encourage the learning process.

The membership fee is just one dollar and after completing an application any child ranging from seven to eighteen can become apart of the Boys and Girls Club.Rashayah

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