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Stories from intrepid reporters attending the Illinois Press Foundation Journalism Workshop at Eastern Illinois University

A Day in the EIU Recreation Center


Man bench presses in the Recreation Weight Room, at Eastern Illinois University. Not only students but also adults have access to the facilities weight room.


Female student works on her fitness using barbells. The rec center includes different types of exercise equipment for the students.

Mostly all Eastern Illinois University students are put through stressful and difficult positions, because of all the work they have to do. One place students can relax is the EIU recreation center.


Northern Illinois University basketball team, Huskies, gather together to raise morale. The rec center also includes numerous basketball courts for tournaments, practice, and summer camp.

The rec center also has many memorial possessions such as sport jerseys, trophies/awards/photographs of different winnings, a statue in the front doorway that represent and a mural of accomplished athletes that attended EIU.


Jimmy Garoppolo played his final year in 2013 at EIU. The rec center includes various types of achievements from athletic students.

Walking into the rec center students are allowed to play on the basketball court, use the weight room, participate in games/tournaments, swim in the pool, or simply socialize with friends/family/peers.

At the rec center, students mainly exercised or watched the basketball tournaments going on that day.

The statue in front of the doorway of the rec center represents the true meaning of what the rec center leads students to accomplish. The statue is: “Challenged to excellence,” by Denny Haskew.

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