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A day on Charleston Square


Joe Judd of Bob’s Bookstore has been running bookstores for more than 15 years throughout the state of Illinois. (photo by Isabella Paredes)

By Trevor Anderson and Isabella Paredes

The historical Charleston Square is small but lively with many unique stores and shops surrounding the old courthouse. The grounds of the courthouse contain many memorials to commemorate soldiers involved in past wars.

Thousands of used books cover the shelves at Bob’s Bookstore.  The owner of the bookstore, Joe Judd, talked of the many interesting books that have been popular buys.  Joe talked about some of the characters in the Charleston square.

Charleston Square has a second bookstore, Pensees Bookstore. In the store, it feels as if they have just as many books as Bob’s Bookstore, but they haven’t been used and are more expensive. The Superman cutout is the first thing that will catch a customer’s attention when they walk into the store.

One of the artistic sides of the town square is shown through the town mural.  The mural does a good job of showing the history of the square. The mural is directly across the Will Rogers theater.

The Will Rogers theater was one of the main renovations of the town square.  The town right now is forming a pension to remodel the theater.  The theater was once one of the main attractions of the city.  As of right now the theater is being remodeled on the inside but outside renovations have yet to begin.

The Charleston Square is filled with history that is shown throughout the artwork, stores, and the courthouse grounds.


The Monument to Civil War soldiers stands proudly in front of the Coles County Courthouse. (photo by Trevor Anderson)

Square 5

One of three bookstore windows that populate the store fronts of the Charleston downtown reflects the beauty of the Coles County Courthouse. (photo by Trevor Anderson)

Square 6

Victoria, the manager of the Jackson Avenue Coffee Shop, welcomes customers that visit the Charleston County Courthouse on a regular basis. (photo by Trevor Anderson)

Square 2

High school senior Bree, got her senior photos taken on one of the corners of Charleston Square on June 25.  (photo by Isabella Paredes)

Square 3

One of the more popular murals in the Charleston Square also directly across from the Will Rogers theater.  (photo by Trevor Anderson)


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