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17 year old goes on 4 mission trips

By Kim Boyd

Trevor Anderson, a 17 year old senior, was very animated and jumpy. He joins a mission to Cleveland Ohio one week from today. He has already been on three mission trips.

His first mission trip was to Neptune, New Jersey. His second trip was to Birmingham Alabama. And his third was to Cleveland Ohio. He went on these trips with his youth group. While he is on these trips he and his youth group help repair houses and buildings. He goes on these mission trips to become closer with people in his youth group and to help make a positive impact on the community by helping others in need.

Anderson fidgeted often, during the interview. He enjoys playing baseball, ultimate Frisbee, watching movies, playing video games, and hanging out with his friends. He looks up to his friends Nick and Logan and his youth pastor John. He said “ Nick and I are like brothers.” He lives in St. Jacob, Ill. with his family and attends Triad High School.

He also does not get along with but always looks out for his younger sister. When he goes to college he plans to get involved in the school, make new friends, but still get good grades on his academic work. He describes himself as an “very open person”.


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