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Joliet Student Looks Into Her Future

By Destiny Gomez


Junior, Olivia Apostolovski works on her improving her reporting over at the IPF EIU Journalism camp (Photo by: Destiny Gomez)

Aspiring journalist Olivia Apostolovski shares her uncertainty for college and her fear of the future. She confides that Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps, drill and journalism resides in her heart.

All of Apostolovski free time is spent dedicating into becoming a better journalist and editor for Joliet West’s newspaper, Tiger Tales.

Holding the title as a feature editor, Apostolovski is thinking ahead this year, already planning her next article, while brainstorming ideas for the betterment of the school.

Although Apostolovski still has two years to decide on her future. Uncertainty as slowly crept into deciding what her future will hold.

In the beginning, Apostolovski was fascinated and thrived in her English classes, and decided to take another class surrounding English, Journalism 1.

Apostolorvki was introduced into journalism by taking Journalism 1, but she did not enjoy the monotone voice of her teacher and the remarks of other students. She was bored with the slow pace of learning the basics to journalism.

Even though Apostolovski was bored for the duration of the class, she was convinced by her journalism teacher to take the next level and help out the school’s newspaper in Journalism 2.

“I was ready for a challenge” Apostolovski said.

With her constant effort, Apostolovski persisted with journalism. Finding enjoyment in her new class, she was appointed features editor.

“They just throw you in there.” Apostolovski said.

Apostolovski has participated in everything related to journalism and she has competed in a state journalism competition which led to Apostolovski’s school newspaper receiving third in state.

As a very talented journalist, Apostolovski is also a great friend.  She always wants to make people laugh said a longtime friend of Apostolovski, Paola Patino.

“Olivia is a very hard worker and will strive for the best.” Patino added

Although she has many memories in her high school journalism class, Apostolovski has had difficulties deciding her future. Her dad encourages Apostolovski to take her basic classes at her local community college. Joliet Junior College, to reduce the price of her choice of college.

Having an interest in science, Apostolovski hopes to have a career in forensic science, as she will be able to use her ROTC background. Also, Apostolovski hopes to also partake in investigative journalism since she will be able to use her love of journalism and write about investigations.

Apostolovski dreams of moving to the busy city of Chicago, where she can own an apartment and look at the priceless view of the skyline. Writing in the windy city is what any journalist would dream of doing, and Apostolorvki has her mind-set on reaching her goal.

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