Illinois Reporter

Stories from intrepid reporters attending the Illinois Press Foundation Journalism Workshop at Eastern Illinois University

What’s it like to report in the state capital?

By Ronald Evans, Olivia Apostolovski, and Brynna Sentel

Inside the supreme court meeting room, Dave Jones explains the history and significance of the room to young journalists. He reminds us all that politicians in this room will remain considerate to the people.

Charlie Wheeler spoke to us on the concern of the Illinois budget. He started out as a young reporter covering politics and state issues. State employees get paid whether or not the state has money for it.

This painting inside of the state capital goes beyond this story in a mysterious fashion because most people do not know about this period of time. This painting conveys native americans and early english settlers in Illinois land with their sense of conflict and relationship between each other. 

The hallway is filled with historic background leading from the seal of the state on the top of the sky light, powerful and iconic politicians, and beautiful lights that suppress the feeling of power, dominance, and integrity inside of the state capital.


Here lies our great mentors; Kevin, Joe, and Amanda. Or we simply know Joe as “Joe Obama”. They have taught us skills that will be useful for our journalism careers ahead of us and we are all grateful for learning from them.

The historic ceiling of the state capital tells important stories about the history of Illinois. The seal of the state is located on every door knob inside of the state capital.

On the windows inside of the state capital, there are carved writings of past senators and representatives who have worked there. Which is unique because they keep everything recorded around and will never change the course of history inside of the building.

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