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Shamsi enjoys cultures, academics, and hispanic honor society

A friend, a brother, a traveler, and a scholar this is Mohammed Shamsi on the weekends you can catch him playing video games with his friends, but during the week it’s all business; academics aren’t a problem however, they’re his hobbies! His views on academics are large and his future is over the moon.

The seventeen-year-old Chicago native is diving head first into the culture pool and doesn’t plan to come up for air. He’s on a mission not for world peace, or for saving the polar bears, but to experience cultures all over the world. “Learning languages is a great aspect in communicating with everyone.” Shamsi says when asked if different language programs should be provided more in school.

Mohammed Shamsi was inducted into the 2016 Hispanic Honor Society and because of his induction it not only changes the way he sees academics, but the way he sees his future. Hard work really pays off, maintaining an A average for three years in a class also really pays off, for Mohammed Shamsi that is. He joined his class as he was inducted into the Honor Society, after enrolling in the class for the previous three years, he plans to enroll in yet another year of Spanish.

I got to sit down with Shamsi for an interview on why this changed his life and what he plans to do with it in the future. Getting a look into the world of academics and many hours spent playing video games i got a real in depth perspective on why this is so important to him.

Stuck between French and Spanish, he wanted to use it to travel so he chose Spanish, and as if he’s been speaking the language his whole life it came natural to Shamsi, and not just a hobby he plans on using it in his future to apply for jobs and to travel. What inspired him to take a step into another culture? I asked Shamsi the same question and he said he was self inspired to do this for himself however, his mom inspired him to be academically open to all opportunities.

Learning different cultures aren’t his only hobby, he also enjoys reading, math, science, and computer games. He also traveled to other countries to get a “real feel” on the culture he traveled to Portugal and Spain and plans on traveling to South America in the future. He believes teaching and learning other cultures raises global awareness for everyone, and that it can so much more than a hobby.

Mohammed Shamsi is a friend, a brother, a traveler, and a scholar that yearns for knowledge and constantly wants to expand the knowledge he had yesterday. Shamsi says “shoot for the moon and end in the stars” he’s reaching for high goals and diving deep into what most of the world overlooks.IMG_0946

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