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Aggravated Domestic Battery Charged To Lloyd

By Tara Schumal

Terrance Lloyd

Terrance Lloyd

Terrance Lloyd, 25, was sentenced to 15 years in jail June 24 in Macon County Circuit Court after failing to appear for a sentencing hearing.

U.S. Marshals arrested Lloyd June 17 shortly after his failure to show up to his sentencing on an armed habitual crime conviction.

While out on bond on that charge, Lloyd was accused of alleged sex with a minor, 14 years of age

The armed habitual violence charge was based on three 2012 felonies.  Lloyd was charged with damage to property after smashing out car windows and aggravated domestic battery of a woman and a child. Police were called after Lloyd struck the woman, endangering the life of the child in her arms by causing both of them to fall.

Lloyd was also arrested that year for dragging a female from his car. According to the circuit clerk’s office, she tried to escape the vehicle by jumping out of the passenger-side door but was pulled back by Lloyd, all while still driving. Holding tightly onto her shirt, he let her be dragged alongside the car for nearly 300 feet, the report said.


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