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Stories from intrepid reporters attending the Illinois Press Foundation Journalism Workshop at Eastern Illinois University

Wargolet defies expectations

Danielle Wargolet

Danielle Wargolet

By Derby Roan

Danielle Wargolet sat in a buzzing newsroom with a charming smile, pen and notebook at the ready, prepared for anything that might come her way.

Wargolet is a senior from Urbana.

She attended the Illinois Press Foundation’s journalism camp to learn more about the thing she loves the most.

Wargolet’s dedication to journalism is unshakable. Her biggest fear is that her ability to write would be taken from her, because it’s her way of expressing herself. Wargolet said she may not be so good at speaking words, but she sure can write them.

Wargolet said her friends and mother act as a firm “support system.”

She said she “wouldn’t have been able to get through bad times,” in reference to the hardships she endured with the death of her younger sister and difficult family relationships.

Despite her struggles in the past, Wargolet has bright plans for the future.

She dreams of moving to Chicago and attending Columbia University to study journalism.

“I’ve done my research about Columbia,” she said, “It caught my attention.” Wargolet’s mother has been nothing but supportive of her career choices.

“She backs me up because she knows I can do it,” Wargolet said.

Wargolet’s inspiration is her mother.

“Even if I was in the wrong, she still supports my decision or action, because she’s my mom, and she never sugarcoats anything,” she said.

In her spare time, Wargolet enjoys shopping, cheering, and watching “sappy” movies like The Fault In Our Stars. In three words, she describes herself as, “talkative, humorous, sensitive.

Wargolet’s shining characteristic is her strength.

“Most people know that a lot of things don’t get to me,” she said. “Most people are going to hurt you, but you have to be strong enough to show that it’s not going to get to you.”

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