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Roberts learns to live as mellow as possible

William Roberts is part of the Minooka High School track team

William Roberts is part of the Minooka High School track team

By Marcello Piccinini

Starting from rural Minooka and a background rich with responsibility, William Roberts shapes his path through life with a sense of responsibility that he learned in his childhood.

Robert’s father was working two jobs and could not be home very much, leaving his mother and him to care for his younger brother. During his 8th grade year he had eye surgery performed on both of his eyes and has permanent double vision. These roots gave Roberts discipline and conviction that he carries with him today.

Roberts grew up in Minooka, a town of 10,000 people. He attends Minooka High School as a 17-year-old senior where he will be the copy editor and A&E editor on his school newspaper his senior year. He is an active member in his church and participates in his community.

Roberts likes to write and has an interest in computer science; however, he doesn’t take any technology electives in school claiming that he wants to have a fresh mind when studying the field rather than having a linear approach to it.

Although, his view at careers is still broad. Roberts says, “I want to do everything possible and strive for a double minor in creative writing and computers.”

Aside from professional careers, Roberts also loves track and other recreational activities. During the summer of 2013, he ran a total of 613 miles. He takes place in runs with his friends and is on his high school track team.

His interests include adventurous activities. “I like taking long drives and bike rides and just getting lost and trying to find my way back,” Roberts says. “I don’t even take any food, I just get home and take a granola bar and rip it out of the packaging.” Besides taking these expeditions, sometimes he enjoys sitting down and reading a book. “My favorite book is A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens,” says Roberts.

Even at an early age, Roberts had an affinity for being outdoors. “I would go to a park across the street early in the morning and just stay out there because no one would want me knocking on doors that early.”

Roberts is also a skilled guitar player. Starting at the age of 9, his first guitar he received was a Black Ibanez that he got for his birthday.“I started taking lessons in 7th or 8th grade,” Roberts said. He enjoys playing classical music because it is easy to play it with just a guitar.

Even though Roberts suffered  some hard times as a child, he was still able to pull through and is working towards building a better tomorrow for himself.

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