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Marcello Piccinini: near death brings a closer life


Profile Piccinini Pic.WR

High school Junior Marcello Piccinini writing a story at the summer IPF Journalism Camp.

By Will Roberts

After being told that he would never walk again, 16-year-old high school journalist and video game player Marcello Piccinini learned to take a new outlook on life.

At the age of five, Marcello was riding in a red car with his parents when they were hit by another car.

His brother’s forehead was sliced open and his father’s ribs broken.

Piccinini , however, was not let off with a simple injury: placed in a coma for three days, his parents were told that he would never walk again.
But with the help of therapy, Piccinini now walks.

“I realized the importance of walking since the doctors told me that I would never walk again,” Piccinini said.

Growing up with strong principles, Piccinini now uses his struggles not as a time to mourn over experiences, but to learn from them and further his perception of the world around him.

Today, Marcello commits himself to achieving academically in his commitment to maintain As.

His drive for academic excellence began in the fifth grade where he felt his grades begged for improvement.

“I really wanted to do better in school for myself and my parents,” Piccinini said.
Outside of school, Piccinini enjoys interacting with friends through playing video games. Some of his favorite video games include the Halo and Call of Duty series.  He also passes time by watching Ed, Edd, and Eddy with his brother and father.
As a career, Piccinini originally looked at designing video games but later discovered he had a strong passion for writing. He expressed this passion when he sent a story on video games to his school’s newspaper during his freshman year.

To Piccinini ‘s dismay, the newspaper declined his story since only juniors and seniors can write for it, but Marcello received praise from the editors for writing such a strong story.

After waiting some time to join his school’s newspaper, Piccinini finally has the opportunity to be part of journalism as he is finally a junior. He has also switched his focus from designing video games to writing journalism.




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