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Hynan balances school life with sports

Joe Hynan

Joe plays attacker for Hinsdale Central High’s lacrosse team.

By Maher Kawash

An unfortunate injury to a teammate proved to be a lucky break for Joe Hynan.

Hynan, a junior attackman for the Hinsdale Central Lacrosse team, scored a game-tying goal with 10 minutes left in the third quarter against York High School and led his team to a 6-5 victory.

“It was nerve-wracking to be subbed in during such an important part of the game, but I felt validated as a varsity player when I scored that game-tying goal for my team,” Hynan said.

That goal was the start of a hot streak for Hynan as he scored six goals in the team’s final five games of the season.

“It feels good to know that I can be so successful at the varsity level, but it is only the start for me,” Hynan said.

As a former junior varsity starter, Hynan was permanently moved up to varsity. His focus turns to becoming a starter for varsity next year.

“Being moved up to varsity only motivates me to work harder and improve on my game so I can help my team in any way possible,” Hynan said.

Sometimes all people need is a lucky break to show what they are capable of. Hynan proved his worth although it came at the cost of one of his teammates.

“I feel bad that an injury to Marcus brought me into the game but I guess that’s just part of the game,”  Hynan said.

As a varsity player, Hynan now has to face the task of balancing school, sports and a social life.

“It can get tough at times losing sleep to finish an assignment, but it’s all a part of being a student-athlete,” Hynan said.

“I try to not let my head get too big and stay grounded. I just have to keep doing the same things and I should be fine,” Hynan said.


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