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Stories from intrepid reporters attending the Illinois Press Foundation Journalism Workshop at Eastern Illinois University

Kresic grows out of her cocoon

By Katlyn Campbell

Kristyna Kresic was just like everyone else entering high school: destined for change – new cliques, wider variety of clubs/athletics to join, choice of classes. It’s hard not to change when put into a new environment such as high school.

Freshman year, Kresic entered Action Reaction in order to continue her interest in community service as well as make new friends.

However, being new to high school she already had a bullet on her back: most freshman are ridiculed simply because they’re new students.

High School junior, Kristyna Kresic

High School junior, Kristyna Kresic poses for a picture at the IPF Journalism Workshop at Eastern Illinois University.

Already shy, Kresic had a hard time getting to know new people.

This fear developed early when Kresic asked a preschooler to be her friend.
She got a no as a response.

“I didn’t want to put myself out there anymore, because I feared rejection,” she said.

In school she was always picked last for groups because she didn’t talk much, and she was scared to put herself out there.

Growing up Kresic can remember being on her local soccer team standing on the field not wanting to participate.

Regardless, as she moved on to high school, she joined the lacrosse team and began working at the school newspaper and yearbook.

She took her shyness and used it to motivate her to meet new people, and change her reserved ways.

Her quasi-positive outlook on people suddenly changed to authentic positivity. “As I became friends with social people, they helped me be social too,” she said.

Now as she approaches her junior year of high school her intrepidity shows as she has the mindset to no longer care what others think about her, and she isn’t afraid to start a conversation anymore. Rejection is no longer in her vocabulary.

Talk about a social butterfly, Kresic is the epitome of the classic caterpillar turned butterfly.


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