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Sydney Edwards is More than Meets the Eye

By Sara Dust

Mother McAuley Liberal Arts High School

Journalism, family, drama club and community are amongst the top priorities of Sydney Edwards.

The 15-year-old contributed to the Mattoon school news publication, the MHS Mirror, during her freshman year.

Even though she was the only freshman, she proved her worth by her hard work. She is proud of her journalistic work.

A gratifying moment happened when she covered the school’s talent show.

She was less than excited, initially, for the assignment, but she produced some of her best work.

The event showed her journalism is something that she wants to pursue.

Edwards has an incredible sense of family.

Photo credit Paulina Martinez
SydneyEdwards, 15, from Mattoon poses for picture in Music and Art Building.

Her great-grandmother, Mary Lou, is her biggest role model.

Her great-grandmother stayed at home and raised a family of four.

“She shows you how to be a lady and stay true to your morals,” Edwards said.

Besides her grandmother and mother, Edwards has a close relationship with her father.

Edwards also has a strong relationship with her step-dad, who adopted her after her dad died.

She has a 12-year-old brother, Ian French.

They, like basically every pair of siblings, alternate from worst enemies to best friends within a split second.

They are, however, a little closer than some siblings due to summers apart. Time apart makes the time they have together even more special.

Like every person, Edwards has her quirks, which makes her who she is.

She describes herself as extremely dramatic, and a bit of a delayed reactor, such as when a door slammed shut recently.

It would appear she was unfazed until she suddenly gasped long after the door was loudly shut.

She talks in her sleep, and sometimes even yodels in her sleep loudly enough to wake her grandmother through a separating wall.

Once you experience the interesting quirks and characteristics of Edwards you open the doors to her views on changing the world.

“I want to be one of those people who changes the way things are so when my children and my grandchildren come into the world they feel safe and it is a place they want to be and love to be in,” Edwards says.


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