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Kaylee Georgeoff Changes Her Tune

Kaylee Georgeoff switches to alto saxophone, after playing clarinet for eight years.

Kaylee Georgeoff switches to alto saxophone, after playing clarinet for eight years.

By Anna Konstant

Hinsdale Central High School

After eight years of playing the clarinet, Kaylee Georgeoff, 17, is about to switch instruments.

Georgeoff will learn the alto saxophone because her school has decided to cut the wind instruments section, a decision driven by lack of participation, she said.

Georgeoff is nervous about learning the alto saxophone even though it is similar to the clarinet. She knows there will be challenges throughout the year.  Besides playing a new instrument, Georgeoff will be learning to play in the brass section with new people and different methods.

As she starts her senior year this fall, Georgeoff is looking forward to playing jazz music.  Her goal is to remain positive despite the obstacle of the wind section switching instruments.

Georgeoff started playing in fourth grade and each year has progressed in her skills and talents. She currently attends Civic Memorial High School in Bethalto, where she participates in marching band.  During the school year, her band plays for the football games.

This year Georgeoff’s band had an opportunity to play in Disney World during a parade.  To prepare for Disney World the band practiced its fall routine and eventually sent in a video of the band.  The band was accepted and jumped at the chance to participate in something new.

When Georgeoff was in seventh grade, her family moved to Missouri. She had to meet new people and adapt to new situations. Overall, though, the move helped her develop tougher skin.

“When I moved, the kids there had just started band and I was more ahead with clarinet and that was an advantage and disadvantage,” Georgeoff said. She originally thought she could coast by on her skills, but discovered she needed to practice in order to improve.

She hopes to continue band throughout college by participating in the pep band.

Georgeoff currently doesn’t know what she wants to pursue in college, but she knows band will continue to be part of her life.  Georgeoff believes a person’s “biggest success is suppose to come later in life.”


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