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Eduardo Martinez: An Advocate for Hard Work

Eduardo Martinez thinking about life

Eduardo Martinez thinking about life.

By Kevin McLurkin

Eduardo Martinez hates math.

16-year-old Eduardo Martinez is a high school student who hated math so much that he became senior editor of an online publication. The publication is called the lion review (, and it’s about multiple topics, but its mainly centered around community affairs. Will this website succeed? Maybe it will, because Martinez is a strong advocate for hard work.

Eduardo Martinez is a senior at Eisenhower High School and resides in Blue Island Illinois. Martinez’s role models are his parents because they are the most hardworking individuals he ever met. When asked about his view of hard work he says, “ I think it is important because coming from a family of immigrants you have to work hard. People sacrificed so that I can have a better life. There is no time for excuses” Martinez knows that’s what it takes to be successful.

He is a practicing lifeguard, and the captain of the cross-country team for Eisenhower. He believes that success comes from hard work and he is living proof. He started cross-country his freshman year as the slowest member of the team, and through hard work and dedication became the fastest and the captain.

When asked about his political views he said he’s really not political, he is all for helping people in need. This all ties into the lion review because he is currently writing a 5 part oppression series, dealing with media, minorities, and urban voice. When asked if he had a lot on his plate, he replied, “there is no time to complain, I just keep being motivated to succeed.”

Eduardo Martinez is an advocate for equal rights and a kid on the first step of greatness. In the future, He wants to become a professor of some sort and he is paving the way with his hard work and a sense of urgency.


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