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Anna Konstant

Anna Konstant

By Kaylee Georgeoff

Anna Konstant, 17, of Hinsdale, is at a pivotal part of her life where most teenagers are unsure of their career path. This is not the case with Konstant. Her problem is choosing between three completely different careers; journalism, engineering, and meteorology.

Konstant aspires to go to college in the Midwest. She is trying to decide between a career in journalism, meteorology, and civil/industrial engineering.

Konstant said, “It’s hard, because there are so many things I can see myself as.”

Konstant’s interest in civil and industrial engineering has progressed over time.

She recently attended the Explore Engineering Summer Program at the University of Wisconsin—Platteville that allowed her to uncover her interests further. She mentions if she entered industrial engineering she would like to be a CEO of a company in the Chicago area.

Konstant’s freshman high school teacher introduced her to journalism and she thinks that broadcast journalism would be the path she would take.

The idea of being in the spotlight and dazzling people on TV sounds appealing to her.

Meteorology was along side the idea with wanting to be on TV.

Broadcast journalism and Meteorology go hand in hand with the desire and aspiration to be on TV.

Konstant says, “I always wanted to be the weather girl.”

Kindergarten was the first time Konstant got a taste of something she knew she wanted to do in the future.

She discovered her love for the game of soccer. Konstant has been playing as a forward/midfield since and plans to play casually throughout college.

Although Konstant is busy determining what her future holds she still makes time to volunteer within her community and have some fun.

Konstant has volunteered at the Hinsdale Police Station and helped by grading Drug Abuse Resistance Education program (DARE) papers, putting away storage, and giving tours of the station to Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts.

Konstant participated in many things a long with several others including water and winter skiing, going to the mall and pool, diving, bowling and organizing her own dance camp.

“It’s important to me to stay on top of my school work and extra activities come second,” Konstant said, “I’m never bored.”

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