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Animated teen programs future

Pierre McCauley, 18 from Carbondale, poses in the music and art building at EIU.

Pierre McCauley, 18 from Carbondale, poses in the music and art building at EIU.


By Paulina Martinez


Pierre McCauley is just 18 but he’s about to transition from making amateur pixel animations to contributing the webisode phenomenon “Death Battle!”


The webisode pits two fictional characters in battle and, based on their strengths and statistics, a winner is chosen.


McCauley embarks on his transition from small community high school to big-time university in hopes of becoming one of the world’s biggest computer engineers.


This Carbondale native was intensely involved in high school, with a long resume that includes Key Club, Student Council and treasurer of The Future Business Leaders of America. While keeping up with various activities, he also made the high honor roll.


McCauley’s path to helping with “Death Battle!” started with his love for Anime-Japanese and movie animation and math, which eventually grew to his interest in designing.


“I’m a very logical person and that’s why I love math,” McCauley said. “In math, there is only one answer.”


Mixing statistics and his love for video games, McCauley got hooked on “Death Battle!” about a year ago. Since 2009, McCauley has devoted his time to creating Sprites-pixel animations. McCauley said he has been offered an animation position at “Death Battle!” by the animator of the series and he intends on accepting.


That opportunity won’t interfere with his education, though. His hard work has earned him a full ride to the University of Illinois in Champaign, where he will be attending starting this fall.


With his determination, McCauley is optimistic about the future. “I am going to change society,” McCauley said. “ I am going to change the technological race.”


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