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Henderson Has Aspirations to be Game Developer

By Pierre McCauley

Carbondale Community High School

Albert Henderson is not a stereotypical gamer.Hendersonpic

The 16-year-old Mattoon High School junior doesn’t isolate himself from the world. He’s a bold gentleman, willing to approach any new person he wants to meet.

This serves him well while writing for the Mattoon High School newspaper. He loves covering entertainment and writing video game reviews. One of his reviews was even honored by “National Edition,” an online archive highlighting the best of student journalism.

“That’s something that I am most proud of,” said Henderson, who also recently wrote a review about “Fire Emblem: Awakening” for the Nintendo 3DS.

Even though Henderson has an interest in journalism, he doesn’t see it as his career; he really wants to make video games.

He has had this desire since age 12, when he played “Metal Gear Solid” for the first time. That game sparked his inspiration to develop games. “‘Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots’ is my favorite game,” said Henderson, whose role model is Hideo Kojima, director of the “Metal Gear” video game series.

He’s been exposed to Japanese culture through manga and anime, and he wants to go there one day.

“I would want to go to Japan once I’ve established my game development career,” Henderson said. “I want to visit Nintendo and meet people there. I want to actually bring Sega back to its prime.”

Other than his dream of being a game developer, he also plans on making a YouTube channel with some of his friends. His channel will feature videos containing walkthroughs of video games for novice gamers. As a new gamer, obstacles can be frustrating to overcome and may take multiple attempts to succeed.

Henderson understands giving out tips will help newcomers in the long run. He has been in their position, struggling to find ways to clear the next level or become an expert at a game.

Also, he figures it would be a great way to get his name out before getting serious in his developing career. YouTube, for him, is more than a video-posting site. He believes it can become a business if he can get a partnership for his channel.

One comment on “Henderson Has Aspirations to be Game Developer

  1. bearosity
    June 27, 2013

    Why didn’t you title this “Only Albert”? 😉

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