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College students find economic ways to travel

Amy Martin bikes to class to save money.

Amy Martin bikes to class to save money.

By Anna Konstant and McKayla Braid

With gas prices rising and parking at a premium, college students are desperate to find more economical, convenient ways to get around campus.

Amy Martin, a senior at Eastern, drove her car to class for the first three years of school but this summer found it easier to bike around campus – and she isn’t alone.

Martin sees a lot of people biking each day around campus. Even her roommate rollerblades to classes.

“I usually would drive, but the weather is so nice,” Martin said.

Biking is not the only option for students.

“If it’s under a couple miles, I walk; and if it’s over a couple of miles, I drive,” said Michael Pond-Jones, a graduate assistant. Pond-Jones also drives if there is inclement weather.

During the school year, Tyler Idleman will walk to class due to the limited parking on campus.

Pond-Jones and Idleman also mentioned the psychological effects of walking.

“When I walk to class on a sunny day, it’s relaxing. You also learn to appreciate your surroundings,” Pond-Jones said. “It gives me more clarity of mind.”

Idleman said walking makes him more confident about himself, and that confidence can positively impact his academic performance.

“I feel better about myself.  When I eat pizza later, I don’t feel completely obese,” Idleman said.

Martin, Pond-Jones and Idleman each believe walking will save them money.

“It’s more economic, better than paying for gas and it’s easier,” Martin said.


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