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Stories from intrepid reporters attending the Illinois Press Foundation Journalism Workshop at Eastern Illinois University

In Loving Memory

By Melissa Svec

After Dana Krohn’s mother died from cancer in 2006, she received a bracelet made out of the casket flowers.

From there, Krohn was inspired. Always being what she would refer to as, “crafty,” Krohn says she was always motivated by her late mother’s use of macramé, which is a way of text-tile making using knotting instead of weaving or knitting.

Krohn, along with co-owner Dana Ratliff, opened Because of Mom, located on 1604 Broadway Ave., in downtown Mattoon last month. After six years of producing different types of products from Krohn’s own house, the business grew to the point where she needed a storefront.

Krohn and Ratliff make their products out of ground up flowers and fabrics. The pieces they create include bracelets, earrings and necklaces. Other products she makes, which are also made out of both clothing and flowers, are teddy bears, stockings, bookmarks, rosaries, key chains and tie tacks.

Her love for making colorful memorabilia and crafts using her own two hands takes about six to 10 weeks, on average, to produce.

The store sells other vendors’ crafts as well including purses, light fixtures, different jams and jellies, stockings, ornaments, small quilts, various types of additional jewelry and other types of handmade crafts.

The prices on the Flower Petal Beads range from $18 to $145 depending on style and number of beads on the product.

Though business is currently slow, Krohn and Ratliff are still driven and plan to continue with their company as strong as possible. After all, it has only been open for about a month, so hopes are high that business will pick up.


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