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Stories from intrepid reporters attending the Illinois Press Foundation Journalism Workshop at Eastern Illinois University

“Bowling guy” EIU’s friendly face

By Eduardo Martinez

Albert HendersonImage

Reggie Denard, a student at EIU, has a very sociable job: he hands out discounts for the EIU Lanes bowling alley in the Martin Luther King, Jr. University Union.

Denard’s job requires him to go around campus advertising the bowling alley’s events and specials. Ultimately, he’s inviting students to an outlet for relieving stress.

Denard’s audience on a sunny summer weekday seemed to enjoy his presence instead of shutting him down for taking some time from their day.

His face is familiar to many people around campus, and he’s known as the “bowling guy.”

“I made a lot of new friends while working and I’ve gotten to meet lots of friendly people,” said Denard.

Denard’s marketing technique demonstrates a friendly, inviting personality that lures ears in to what he has to say, plus, there is a benefit to knowing the bowling guy.

“People around campus are always looking for me because I’m known to give out free games,” Denard said.

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