Illinois Reporter

Stories from intrepid reporters attending the Illinois Press Foundation Journalism Workshop at Eastern Illinois University

Meet Albert :D

I am Albert, I’m a Junior at my local high school: Mattoon High School. I enjoy many thing such as video games, hacky sack, and manga. My top 5 favorite video game series’ are: 1.) Metal Gear Solid 2.) The Elder Scrolls 3.) Persona (Shin Megami Tensei) 4.) Pokemon 5.) Twisted Metal. Some mangas I read consist of One Piece, Dragon Ball, Case Closed, and Sgt. Frog. My favorite movie is Summer Wars, closely followed by Django Unchained. My favorite tv show is M*A*S*H, followed by Adventure Time and The Walking Dead.  I am also a dedicated Atheist who believes in science.

Goku Senpai


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