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Stories from intrepid reporters attending the Illinois Press Foundation Journalism Workshop at Eastern Illinois University

All About Anna

Anna at engineering camp over the summer.

Anna at engineering camp over the summer.

Anna Konstant a.k.a Anna Banana is a senior at Hinsdale Central and has been writing for the Devils’ Advocate since sophomore year.  She has written for both the print and online version of the newspaper.  Although, she finds the online newspaper most fascinating because of the media content incorporated.

All year long, she kicks a soccer ball up and down the field and also participates on Hinsdale Central’s team.  When not playing soccer, she loves wakeboarding and skiing all summer long.  Unfortunately, she tore her ACL during the soccer season and will need surgery this July.  Her goal is to be playing in time for the spring soccer season at her school.  Also, to finish off her senior year running and competing competitively.

This summer she participated in the Explore Engineering Summer Program at University of Wisconsin.   The camp was one week and consisted of classes throughout the day.  In her college carrer she wants to pursue journalism and possibly engineering.

Currently, she works on improving her miniature golf skills by practicing at GlowGolf in Yorktown.  Sometimes her family finds her baking her famous pizza, cake pops, or Swedish fish sushi in the kitchen and usually challenges them to a Top Chef cooking competition. A cheerful student, Anna looks forward to an exciting week at the Journalism Workshop.


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