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Stories from intrepid reporters attending the Illinois Press Foundation Journalism Workshop at Eastern Illinois University

Meet Michaela Rutledge


Me and my team celebrating after we won the North American Final

Hello everybody, my name is Michaela Rutledge, and I go to Mother McAuley Liberal Arts High School in Chicago, Illinois. Right now I’m at a journalism camp, but last week I was on a Gaelic Football field, and next week I will be on stage helping out with my school’s musical. I have a part time job and I’m a major Doctor Who fanatic, but if I can find some spare time you will find me holed up in my room with a sic-fi book.

I am the daughter of Irish immigrants, and my heritage is one of the most important parts of my life. I spend most of my summers out at Gaelic Park in Oak Forest, Illinois, and last year my team won the North American finals for Gaelic Football which were held in Philadelphia.

Although my heritage effects every aspect of who I am, so does my education.

I have not yet decided what I want to do in journalism, but I know that I want to go to a university where I can study both economics and international relations. My ultimate goal is to make life better for people all around the world who have not had the opportunities that I have had. If I can improve the quality of life for one person or bring equality to the forefront of conversation in just one small village, I will have made all the difference in the world and will be able to call it a success. I do not yet know whether I will accomplish these goals through political means or journalism, but I guess only time will tell.

So to whomever is reading this, I sincerely hope that you enjoy my writing and thank you for reading.


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